Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Norskog's

I just got back from snapping some pics for our friends, Brooke and Toby and their two high-falutin pups, Jet and Helo/Hilo? It was a really nice, brisk day out! Trying to think of poses for babies and little people was much easier than dogs. Um, go kneel there and put the dogs in front of you. good. Now kneel over there. Good. Ok, and there too.
Had fun with ya'll!

Holiday Party at River Quarry

A few friends and I met this morning for a nice, intimate holiday party at my old apartment complex. Tara made the world's best bloody marys and I enjoyed them. Natalie and I sold our jewelry and Tara sold her Gigi purses. Fun times! Natalie's family and Tara's friends came to complete the guest list of 10. We had fun though. And I enjoyed my bloody mary(s). Did I already say that? Well they are still fresh in my mind. Thanks ladies!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Boise's Coolest Alley

Two of my friends just got new cameras. YAY! I don't have to be an obsessed freak alone. I will drag them down with me. Yessss....that's my plan. We met in the dark, back alleys of Boise today to start learning and practicing more. Ok, only not dark. It was like something out of...I have no idea. But totally cool. There is one alley downtown that is completely muraled out. Head to toe. Doorways, garbage containers and walls. The works. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot more time here. Pretty rad tad!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We sat on a baby

Oh wait, sat for a baby? Whatever. The other night our friends dropped off their little dude, Landon, while they went to a volleyball game. I had the backdrop all set up to experiment with him but he lasted MAYBE 10 minutes at our house. No pics. We put him on a blanket on the floor in front of Leno, like any good pretend, clueless parents would do but he wouldn't chill until I sat down there with him. Awwww. He crawled on my legs and fell asleep. So naturally, the whole "never wake a sleeping baby" gig isn't a reality to us yet so we brought out the uber powerful flash and snapped some pics of him. Once he was bombing through his REM cycle I snuck out from under him. I was almost thinking...hey, I could do this. Then I remembered he was sleeping and it is a whole 'nother ballgame when they are awake. Gus is really cute when he is sleeping too. Just darling.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today is a very good day.

Well, for a few weeks now I have been waiting in anticipation for my new iMac to arrive. Finally, Monday it shipped from China. I have been refreshing my tracking info every 15 minutes for the last 3 days. I knew today was the day. I tried to play it cool. Nothing big. Just another day at the office.

THEN...on the way to work...I thought, let's just check 107.9. Once they start playing xmas music they don't stop until New Years. Odds weren't in my favor, but knowing what the mail man was bringing to me today made me feel like a 7 year old on xmas morning. Magic happens on xmas. We all know that. And today felt magical. So...sure enough...XMAS MUSIC!!! I called my friend after the second syllable to let her know. She was also ecstatic.

The computer ETA (3 days ago from China) was 10:30 and not kidding...10:31 I had a ginormous box sitting in our office lobby. Thank you to the wonderful men and women of FedEx for making today possible.

I took an early lunch to set up my second born. She is HUGE! Almost have to crank my neck up to see the top. Oh and the new magic mouse is magic indeed. Seems to be the theme of the day.

On top of that...tonight we get to try out a new pizza place 1 minute away from our house with my father-in-law. If things keep going this way, Santa himself might pop out of our chimney tonight. Wait, we don't have a fireplace. Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Santa's big fat helper.

Ho ho ho. Tis the season to become THAT person and wrap your dog in xmas lights for a photoshoot. Hey, I didn't dress him up in a hoody this year so it can't be that bad.

Nick's aunt JE sent us a photo of a lab wrapped in lights. I couldn't resist the challenge. I think this turned out pretty junky...lots of learning to do...still. But isn't he the cutest, most unhappy dog you have ever seen?

The antlers went QUICK! He was like, what the heck are these? I would like them removed now or eventually.

Meet Mr. Fuzzy Head

I don't think that I can ever do the dust in our house justice. It is downright NASTY and impossible. I don't know if it's our dog or just the luck of the draw but our house can get a solid film of dust in less than 24 hours after dusting. I actually just went home at lunch today and saw a little bunny made of Gus fur sitting in the very spot I swept yesterday. It is the death of me. And I hate cleaning which makes it worse. So needless to say, a few areas get neglected. One of them being light bulbs. Who actually DUSTS their light bulbs? Please say nobody. This was about 2 mos of buildup. Nick went to change the light, asked for a sharpee and moments later introduced me to our new house buddy, Mr. Fuzzy Head. Isn't he cute?

I was a personal fan of the goatee and mustache that Nick chose to give him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ooh, color

I read a tutorial last week on how to bring color out of an otherwise lifeless photo. It is SO easy and makes a huge difference. Check it.

See it here.

(Original file, no editing)

And here it is with a slight crop and some color kablooooooey!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The men in my life

That's right. There are two of them under my roof. And here they are in all of their post-run-on-the-greenbelt glory.

Rewind a few weeks. I had been eying an inexpensive studio set-up to get started. I asked some opinions on a forum that I belong to and one woman kindly offered to sell me hers for a fraction of the cost. It arrived last night. It was about 10 when I got it set-up but I just couldn't sleep until I had tried it. I don't know what I am doing and will need to play a lot more with my light but sometimes I like the dramatic look. Aren't these men handsome? My husband and our firstborn, Gus.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Bartos

Today I got to photograph some friends who, coincidentally ALL look like models. Rough isn't it? Hello...look at those kids!!! Ladies, beware. The middle boy, Tanner, was missing a tooth. It was the greatest! I had a great time guys!
Their little guy, Carson, is only 2 months old and was the sleepiest little guy. We could barely get him to open both eyes.