Tuesday, February 16, 2010


After what felt like a very short, 10-day trip I am back home in Boise. I had the most amazing time down South, despite the frigid 60 degree weather. I ate some of the best food of my life, was totally overwhelmed at the gem show (in a good way), went to all of our favorite places and played with my family all day long. I even got to have a 10-day slumber party with my niece Libby. She's 14 months'ish so she provided me with a natural alarm clock. Who wouldn't be happy waking up to giggling every morning. So cute. You will get the day-by-day rundown later with photos. But for now...

Only a photo of the most amazing breakfast burrito known to man. Thank you Nicos. Thank you.


Kelly T said...

oh yum. And how can you NOT smile at a chipper little morning face...even if it is earlier than you would prefer:) How fun for you. Glad you had a great trip!!

Crissie said...

Oh my gosh. It was the greatest way to wake up.

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