Friday, September 18, 2009

Core Concepts - sneak peak

Last night I got the opportunity to shoot 2 of my best friends in the flat-out rockin'est (yes, I went there) outdoor gear around. And the cool part is that it's apparel from a local company born and raised by our friends, Noah and Erin Bryan. All UofI Vandals so you know everything and everyone are the best of the best. Check out their stuff here. The new stuff from these pics will be up in a few weeks. Don't I have the coolest friends? I know. And models? How lucky could a girl with a camera be? We cruised around the City of Trees last night, AKA Donkey Nation, and played around. Here's a sneak peak of a few shots.
Don't you wish your friends were hot like mine? Don't you? Don't you?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jen and Nick Haas

You know when you have that friend, that one friend that you want to find true happiness? Not that all of your other amazing and glorious friends don't deserve pots of gold with leprechauns and everlasting bliss, but this one person that you want more than anything else to find that person who absolutely cherishes the ground that they walk on? Loves all of their faults and makes them a better person...if possible? Well, that's Jen, one of my good college friends, old roomies and Think Pink partner. And her new homeboy for evermore is Nick Haas. I haven't had the opportunity to get to know Nick as well as I hope to but from the speeches at the wedding I know that they are going to have the happiest life together. It sounds like they are both the luckiest people on the planet to have found each other, just as it should be. Her dress was a rockin' vintage style which couldn't be more Jen and she looked STUNNING, which I told her 18 times. And I believe her flowers should be featured on the cover of Bride mag.

Dear Bride Magazine,
Lock it up. Make it happen.
The end.

Congrats you two!

No worries, I wasn't the real wedding photog. That is laughable. I was the creepy person in the crowd, which is becoming a standard for me. But I did get the opportunity to corner her hired one and drill her on things that I have probably already forgotten. Dang! Something about 70mm and 2.8 but which direction? And I believe there was a hood. Oh dear. Practice practice practice. This was the first time I was using my new 430EX II so it was messy. But hey, I gave it a go and got a lot of noise in return. Saw a lot of old college friends I hadn't seen in awhile. They all let me take LOTS of pics of them, compliments of the bar. You may notice that all of the pics are of the same handful of people. No, it wasn't the world's smallest wedding, that's just who I felt comfortable accosting with the camera.

If you would like to download high-res images or purchase prints click here.

Tessa Shamberg

I think I'll be in trouble for this one. She was just so into it!

Nick and Scott

Mi amore

The Adams and Shambergs

R & P

Mel getting down and her dad watching, proudly.

Miss Mari

The Moyer girls.

The Moyer girls.

And wait for it...the Moyer girls.

Hmm, this is getting creepy.

Katie and her pops


Father/Daughter dance

Cold. As. Ice.

Did I mention it was on a ranch?

Get low. Get low. Get low.

Courtnay and Shamalamadingdong

Magnums on each table. Herein lies the problem.

Bret and Mel - both were my roomies at one point and Mel is also a fellow Think Pinker