Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pat and Kat, part 1

Pat and Kat, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. The singer of Nick's band married his sweetie this weekend. The wedding was at St. Marks and the reception was at Ste. Chapelle winery in Nampa, ID. Not to be confused with NAPA. Everything was wonderful. The priest was one of the best I have ever heard and Kat was absolutely STUNNING. I got to make the jewelry for Kat and her crew and she totally rocked it. After the ceremony our little VIP group (kidding) rolled to the reception in our PIMP limo. So pimp that the air didn't work. I almost didn't make it. Deep breaths. But once we were there it was so beautiful. Perfect weather. Perfect wine. Flip flops for a gift. (Note, totally awesome). Wonderful friends and my terrible dance moves. Agh yes, and some of those poses in there....just trying to be on America's Next Top Model. We wanted to make Tyra proud. I don't think we did. Anyway, we had a wonderful time! Congrats Kat and Pat! Enjoy Oregon!!!


We noticed our friend, Trey, and Pat's bro-in-law, Guy, look a lot alike. But then I noticed a third...

The Best Man, Matt, watching Pat sing his song to Kat.


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