Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jeeeeewels moi ha ha

This weekend was long overdue. I was able to tackle a few of the items on my resolution list. I went to the gym and I cooked. I didn't really do any photography except for documenting my weekend. Just snapshots. Nothing fun. BUT! I did get out my torch and solder a little jewelry. So fun. I need to REALLY work on it. Takes me far to long but I am happy with the results. I also made some gold necklaces. I love just creating to create. Fun times. I guess after busting through a few resolutions I should take a few months off. I would hate to burn through all of them in January. Dare I?


Ian and Vanessa said...

Wow Crissie- You are seriously sooo talented! What CAN'T you do??? :) Love the new jewlery!

Crissie said...

Hardly V! haha. Thanks though. Your munchy is precious!

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