Sunday, January 3, 2010

Go Mighty Vandals!

I am a bit behind on my posting so let me backtrack a few days. Back to the day when the Vandals ruled the world. It was Wednesday of last. A glorious day. We were offered FREE tickets to sit in the sky box with our friends Evan and Natalie. It was a really difficult decision but we decided to go for it. haha. Totally awesome. We were on the 40 yard line in our own little booth...and a heater. They serve beer up there and have a free buffet. Royalty. The game was exciting the entire time, especially when they served up the big W. It was freezing but totally worth it. We got to go down onto the field after the game to get all up in the grills of the team and the crowd. SO great. I will remember this one for a long time!!! Woop woop.

We must have been winning here. Nick LOVES this pic. haha. Sorry dude. Had to.


natalie said...

One of my favorite days of 2009!

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