Tuesday, October 6, 2009

500'ish hours + 250 necklaces for 250 AMAZING women

Where have I been the past month? Shaped like a cashew bent over my kitchen table with sore hands and getting caught up on ALL of my favorite and not-so-favorite TV shows. I logged me some goooood tv hours.

One of my good friends up north, Jen Haas, is the CD'A Komen Race Chair. Late spring/early summer she gave me an amazing opportunity. She was going to be hiring me to make all of the necklaces as survivor gifts for the race. It gave me a few months, an achievable task but it was made worse by late or missing supply orders and short orders and ladi-da....life. I got a good head start on the designs in August but the chain ended up being backordered for a month and a half until...oh...say 2 weeks before they were due. Needless to say I spent many a long hour those last few weeks putting the final touches on the necklaces.

The best part of the entire project was completing each piece and knowing it was going to a strong, inspiring woman with an amazing story. It gave me chills, the good kind, to be a small part of it. I was totally bummed to have missed my first CDA race since we started Think Pink but I know it was an awesome event. I might be crazy but I am already hoping to get to work on some more projects like this next year for our local chapter...and CDA. You never know. I am sorry to my hands, back and neglected, hyperactive dog. I just love it too much.

Unfortunately, by the end I had packaged up all 250 without taking a completed photo. I guess that means I will have to make one more. But for now...

The necklaces each had a sterling disc, hand-stamped with the word "HOPE." Along with the disc was a rose quartz gemstone, all hanging on a sterling silver chain.


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