Monday, October 26, 2009

Congrats Evan and Natalie

FINALLY! After years of dating our good friend Evan popped the question to his lova, Natalie this weekend. I was completely clueless but his plan has been in the works for months. I am sure he got sick of me prodding but oh well, it's me. The two of them had planned a weekend at the beach house with both his parents and hers. I was suspicious then. Evan has always been someone to really go all out for things so I knew that when he popped the question it would be a great story. Sure enough.

My re-hashing of the story should be somewhat accurate but I can't guarantee everything. All Natalie knew was that their parents were all coming. Meanwhile Evan had secretly planned to have her sister and his sister and bro-in-law there. Evan surprised Nat by taking her over to the beach house a night early before the parents got there. The following day they went out to the beach to search for glass floats. The city plants them there each year for people to go find. Really cool. Out looking around Natalie spotted one and in my mind she squeeled and bounced up to it thinking she got lucky...that's what I would have done anyway.

She picked up the glass float and underneath it sat the ring. She said she almost fainted. Evan got on one knee and popped the question. They said that she was freaking out so much crying and screaming that she forgot to answer.

Meanwhile the ENTIRE family was walking up to them on the beach. Evan's bro-in-law had video taped the whole thing. Evan's dad was hiding in the bushes taking photos of the event. So exciting!!! They got into town last night and came over for some champagne to celebrate. Poor Natalie hasn't even digested it yet and I was already throwing my old bridal mags at her, telling her where pretty dresses were and showing her some really good photogs. I can't help it! I get so excited!

No dates/locations are set yet but we can't wait to hear!!!

Congrats you two!


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