Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 1 - Day at Sea

The first day after embarkation was a day at sea so you pretty much just bum around and do whatever you like. After breakfast I hit up the pool deck while Nick went in to log a few study hours. While waiting I realized that there was food below and it was free and you know, why not? So I went to my first solo in-between-meal. I called them those because it wasn't breakfast, nor lunch, nor dinner. I had them often. I had them alone.

When we got to our room the first day we had a bottle of wine and $25 in casino chips waiting for us as a gift from our friends the Casters. It was the neatest surprise ever and made us glow! It was totally awesome!!! We felt it would be rude to wait so we marched right downstairs with our bottle and drank it on the pool deck while watching the sunset.

That night we ate at our first "cover charge" restaurant. The ship has many free places to eat but the food is just average. Tasty but nothing special. Then they have a handful of restaurants that you pay a small cover charge for and can still eat anything on the menu. We went to Mambo that night which is a Mexican restaurant. Yes and yes. It was heaven. The restaurant opens up to the main lobby area where they have live music every night. While eating we heard the performer mention that she was from CD'A Idaho. Small world! We chatted with her later and found out that she is a few years younger than us.

That night we watched a comedian perform. He was friggin hilarious. We ended up watching him a couple more times that week.


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