Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 6 - Great Stirrup Cay

I could never figure out why I couldn't find information on this island. As it turns out it is the cruise company's private island. I think it is pretty close to the coast of Florida but you still felt like you were in paradise. We had to be taken by little boats over to the island this time which always means lots of waiting. The waiting is made much more enjoyable by the people watching.

Once on the island...ohhhhhhh. Yeah. All of the other places the boat had the option to go where they wanted. But here. 1 beach. Thousands, and I do not stutter when I say THOUSANDS of people are all on one beach. Sardines. But we were sardines in paradise. I ordered an overpriced froofy rum drink on the beach reading my book while Nick found a shady hammock and took a nap. It's a hard life down there.

Thar she is from the beach.

The water was still crystal clear and totally aqua. They had a guy in a tuxedo walking around with a tray for photo ops in the water. We purchased ours for the bargain price of $15. UGH. Stay tuned for our xmas card! Shoot...where did I put those anyway? After an entire day on that beach we headed back to the boat. Once I had ONE foot on the ship I was tossing elbows left and right to get to the buffet. I needed something light to hold me over until dinner. We had reservations for sushi and chinese food. I went to the buffet alone, yet again. Boy. Tonight was a good night for a light snack. I had some roast, pizza, pasta - made-to-order, chocolate croissants and potatoes. Just something light. Nick wanted to take a nap so he didn't join me but did request I bring him something to munch on. I filled up a plate for Nick with 4 pieces of pizza. When I got to the room I gave him the one slice that survived the walk. What?

Later he ate 50'some odd pieces of sushi and I had some beef dish. He was one happy boy! I did, however have more creme brule...this time it was 3 mini ones. Green Tea, Regular and Ginger. Heaven isn't too far away. Closer to it every day.


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