Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Mr. Fuzzy Head

I don't think that I can ever do the dust in our house justice. It is downright NASTY and impossible. I don't know if it's our dog or just the luck of the draw but our house can get a solid film of dust in less than 24 hours after dusting. I actually just went home at lunch today and saw a little bunny made of Gus fur sitting in the very spot I swept yesterday. It is the death of me. And I hate cleaning which makes it worse. So needless to say, a few areas get neglected. One of them being light bulbs. Who actually DUSTS their light bulbs? Please say nobody. This was about 2 mos of buildup. Nick went to change the light, asked for a sharpee and moments later introduced me to our new house buddy, Mr. Fuzzy Head. Isn't he cute?

I was a personal fan of the goatee and mustache that Nick chose to give him.


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