Thursday, November 19, 2009

We sat on a baby

Oh wait, sat for a baby? Whatever. The other night our friends dropped off their little dude, Landon, while they went to a volleyball game. I had the backdrop all set up to experiment with him but he lasted MAYBE 10 minutes at our house. No pics. We put him on a blanket on the floor in front of Leno, like any good pretend, clueless parents would do but he wouldn't chill until I sat down there with him. Awwww. He crawled on my legs and fell asleep. So naturally, the whole "never wake a sleeping baby" gig isn't a reality to us yet so we brought out the uber powerful flash and snapped some pics of him. Once he was bombing through his REM cycle I snuck out from under him. I was almost thinking...hey, I could do this. Then I remembered he was sleeping and it is a whole 'nother ballgame when they are awake. Gus is really cute when he is sleeping too. Just darling.


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