Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today is a very good day.

Well, for a few weeks now I have been waiting in anticipation for my new iMac to arrive. Finally, Monday it shipped from China. I have been refreshing my tracking info every 15 minutes for the last 3 days. I knew today was the day. I tried to play it cool. Nothing big. Just another day at the office.

THEN...on the way to work...I thought, let's just check 107.9. Once they start playing xmas music they don't stop until New Years. Odds weren't in my favor, but knowing what the mail man was bringing to me today made me feel like a 7 year old on xmas morning. Magic happens on xmas. We all know that. And today felt magical. So...sure enough...XMAS MUSIC!!! I called my friend after the second syllable to let her know. She was also ecstatic.

The computer ETA (3 days ago from China) was 10:30 and not kidding...10:31 I had a ginormous box sitting in our office lobby. Thank you to the wonderful men and women of FedEx for making today possible.

I took an early lunch to set up my second born. She is HUGE! Almost have to crank my neck up to see the top. Oh and the new magic mouse is magic indeed. Seems to be the theme of the day.

On top of that...tonight we get to try out a new pizza place 1 minute away from our house with my father-in-law. If things keep going this way, Santa himself might pop out of our chimney tonight. Wait, we don't have a fireplace. Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.


Trevor and Michelle said...

ooohhh---it looks so shiny and fabulous!

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