Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Resolutions

AKA, things that might never happen.

1. Take my gym membership from FAT TAX (once a month payment to the gym but never going, hence large badunkadunk) to actual membership. This means I will have to be an active participant. I am hopeful.

2. Study and finish MLKs online photography class. Actually do the lessons. Learn to use my flash.

3. Make jewelry for fun again. Not that filling orders isn't fun but I want to start designing new things and expanding my shiz. I want to solder more and be good at it.

4. Set-up and learn to shoot indoors in a studio setting.

5. Shoot one senior photo session. Not hate myself for it. Feel good'ish about it. Note, must find DARING individual with low to no expectations.

6. Finish Boise Ad Fed website.

7. Cook more. Plan ahead. Make meals for the week. Eat out less.

8. Give this "saving" thing a go. Cough. Sorry, it's a hard word to say.

9. Put at least ONE stamped letter in the mail and send it. Don't find it in a pile on your desk. Just one.

10. Say no. Slow it down a hair. Just a hair though. No need to go gettin all crazy.

Alright, those are the top 10. We'll see what happens. Stay tuned. Xmas photos coming later.


Anonymous said...

I like this list a lot!! You crack me up.

Trevor and Michelle said...

way to go cris! now this a great top 10--I'm with you on more than 1. Cheers to us making them happen!

Danielle Daniels said...

I had to giggle when I stumbled upon your blog (from ILP) because my list is nearly identical. Just replace jewelry making with my real estate career and you have my to do list for 2010. :-)

Crissie said...

I guess putting it online gives me 10% more chance of achieving my goals. Now I am accountable???? Thanks for saying hi Danielle.

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