Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Local Cookie Exchange goes Global!

Every year one of my best friends, Lindzee, hosts a cookie exchange. She started this tradition years ago in Seattle and with a move to Boise, brought the party to us. It is SOOOOO much fun. Each guest brings a few dozen cookies and an apatite for some mid-morning bubbly. (Bubbly portion of the party has been known to last into the night). Lindzee makes her award-winning quiche (I dub her quiche award-winning) as the ladies take their cute cookie tins, supplied again, by Lindzee, and fill them to the brim and then some with a few cookies from each collection. You get the occasional Pepperidge Farm bag but mostly some really creative old family recipes. Oh so good. Oh. OH! And last year, compliments of bubbly punch, the hostest with the mostest entertained with a tap dance. She kick-ball-changed her way around the kitchen and ended with a shuffle, brush click TADA!!! Yes, she still owns tap shoes.

This year things are getting serious. Lindzee has her finger on the foodie buzz and after submitting her party to FOODBUZZ.com she was selected to be featured on FOODBUZZ's 24 24 24. SO GREAT! Congrats Miss Frei! I can't wait to be there for the big party next weekend! And the tap dance.


Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! It is going to be epic! I can't wait! Thanks for the shout out including the tap dance mention. Expect you to take the pics. Miss you!

Erin said...

Cris... you are so ridiculously talented. I've just looked through a bunch of your shots and you're amazing! A true artist, through and through in every medium. Geesh!

I miss you. I'm glad you're doing so great.

P.S. this cookie exchange is making me crave every delicious thing you mentioned (none of which is in my house.... wah wah!)

Crissie said...

Hi! Thank you so much!!! Is this Erin Nelson????

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