Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still married

Well...we beat the odds. Nick and I went shopping together last night at Target and managed to respect our sacred vows throughout the night. We are still married folks. Anyone who has stepped foot inside a store of any kind with my husband will understand that this is no small feat. I really wanted to go xmas shopping with him for whatever reason; chalking up some quality time when we don't have much time for it. In order to make it a, dare I say, pleasurable experience I had my list organized by department so we were able to cruise the aisles like the lady mall walkers. It was actually fun. I can't believe we made it to the end of the night with our marriage intact. I expect to be knighted for this. I have to stay off the phone, pretty sure the queen will be calling any minute to schedule my appointment.


Trevor and Michelle said...

i feel you...trevor won't step foot inside a target with me ever again. why does he hate the greatest store EVER? no idea...but it makes for some serious begging on my part to even go near the parking lot. glad to hear nick was a good sport. nice work friend!

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