Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the season for JEWELS!

I have been keeping my hands quite busy lately filling numerous jewelry orders. It's a really good problem to have and I have been having all sorts of fun doing it. In fact, in one of the photos you can see what sort of fun my hands have been having. They are chapped and disgusting. But I LOVE it. The custom orders have been the biggest hits from both friends, significant others of friends and plenty of random people. I had to make the photo below a little blurry in case any wandering eyes stumble on this blog and see their xmas present before xmas. I would sure be in trouble!!! Yupsy daisy. I am trying to stockpile my jewelry money for my trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in February. It is the largest gem show in the entire world. CRAZY cool. It takes a couple of days to get your shopping done and obviously, fundage. Working on that part. Anyway, rambling now. Conan is on in the other room keeping me rocking. Why am I blogging right now? Back to the jewels!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! you are amazing!

Trevor and Michelle said...

oh man! i hope santa ordered something for me! they all look beautiful cris--nice job!

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