Friday, August 21, 2009

$30 Macro Lens

Last night I took a break from making jewelry to mess around with my cheapo Opteka Macro lens for 5 minutes. It was $30 and just screws on to the end of my kit lens. I have never used a REAL macro lens so this kind of works for me right now. What doesn't work for me are my shaky hands. One of these days I know I will just fold and start exerting the energy to get my tripod out. Anyway, here is a fun little journey through my backyard.

One day our neighbor poked his head over the fence in full bee keeper attire to let me know that he was installing another new hive. I beg your pardon? You're WHATA? He promised we would never see them. Yeah. Ha. 40 per plant in our backyard.
Sunny grass

The staredown

Strawberry Plant


This goes without saying

Purple Sage

Lime Thyme


Living Yarrow

Some dead Yarrow


Anie said...

Crissie, You're AMAZING!!! Seriously, your pictures are incredible! Didn't you say you JUST got the new camera! WOW! you've got some serious talent! I so wish I lived closer so that you could help me learn my camera. Please do continue to pass on tips. You inspire me to want to get out and practice!

Trevor and Michelle said...

um, could i just say your neighbor is lucky you live there and not me? i would have like 50 bee traps hanging on the fence. you're a brave soul to stare down the bee like that. great shots cris!

What I'm Thinkin' said...

Great macro shots. Macro is fun. The Sunny Grass is magnifico!

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