Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holy auto white balance Batman!

I have heard from great photographers that you must, must, must shoot in RAW. Which I plan to do, especially when I have the space to do so. Jpg's lose quality over time. Craziness. I guess for me memory size is an issue as RAW files are ginormous (so I plan to purchase more memory cards). Also, I started out shooting JPG's so those images were lost causes, or so I thought.

Reading a post today by one of my favorite bloggers, The Pioneer Woman, she talked about why she switched back to JPG's when she swore she would never shoot in anything but RAW. She also taught me something I didn't know. If you open up images from Bridge, you can actually open JPG's in Camera RAW. For someone with no light set-up, little camera knowledge and a cook who doesn't get a lot of natural light...SUPER SCORE! I just set these puppies to auto white balance. The shot itself isn't anything great but look at that difference!!! They almost look...dare I say...e-d-i-b-l-e?


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