Monday, August 31, 2009

We MADE this.

I know this is totally lackluster for most people but if you knew what we went through to make this peach....

3 summers ago we planted a tiny (don't underestimate my tiny...this thing was a twig) tree that I bought online. Couldn't have been more than a foot tall. Gus the terrible saw it as a chew toy for his little 3 month old razor teeth. We actually planted 3 trees; a peach, cherry and what we think is a pear. We forgot. Gus took the cherry tree down at the same time that he tried to murder the peach and mystery/pear tree. But we said, what the heck. Let's see how this plays out. 3 years later the trees are about 9-10 feet tall. The mystery/pear tree was all leaves this year but our GLORIOUS peach tree produced one, fuzzy, medium sized and darn near perfect peach. Isn't it pretty? It tasted even better than the peaches I bought at Pikes Market in Seattle the previous weekend. Agh fruit. How I love thee.


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