Monday, August 31, 2009

La Grande, OR with the Kunz clan

Here are some pics from Nick and my trip over to La Grande yesterday to visit friends. We started off at the most important place, New York Richies. DAAAAANK pizza with hot sauce. It was eaten far too quickly to document. I also didn't think about it. We headed out to Shaun's place next which is way out of town on a farm/ranch. They share the property with Tara's parents who live right next door. It is pretty awesome and relaxing out there. They have the whole kit-and-kaboodle with horses, dogs, cows, chickens, bees, frogs and other crawlies. They sent us home with a dozen farm fresh eggs and some chives. Heyo. Ready to eat them now.

I was totally blown away with how photogenic Tara's kids were.

It was strange. They were super sketched out about me trying to pack their new infant away with me. I was like, ok ok ok. Fine. Keep her. I didn't get it. :)


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